Guardianship can help you Protect a Child's Interests

As part of our complete range of California family law services, Haslam & Thorne, LLP, can help you attain legal guardianship over a minor-age youth. In the event the parents of a minor become incapacitated or unable to care for their child, legal guardianship gives you the right to make financial and legal decisions to provide for the welfare of the child.

By securing guardianship of a minor-age child, you obtain the temporary or permanent rights normally granted to the legal parents, including:

  • Physical custody for health care and living arrangements
  • Legal custody for financial decisions
  • Decision-making over the child's education and religious upbringing

Haslam & Thorne has an excellent record of helping clients attain legal guardianship of children in their extended family. Our attorneys are experienced family law professionals. We know what the judges expect to see when investigating a guardianship agreement and we fight aggressively on behalf of the child's welfare.

Legal guardianship means that you can step in and act in the full capacity of the parents to protect a child's health and welfare.

Often, child custody cases result in filing for legal guardianship when a relative such as a grandparent recognizes that the child is in danger because of the parents' incapacity. This often results when the parents become involved in drugs, alcohol or are imprisoned.

If you are concerned about the health, safety and welfare of a minor in your extended family, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers about the guardianship process. We will provide a clear and honest assessment of the way the courts are likely to interpret your circumstances.