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Are you interested in adopting your spouse's child born from a previous marriage or relationship? Through the stepparent adoption services at Haslam & Thorne, LLP, we provide experienced representation to stepparents interested in bringing their blended families together.

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The Stepparent Adoption Process

While the stepparent adoption process varies from county to county in California, several items are common to each adoption. Our experienced family law  attorneys can assist with the following:

  • Filing a petition for stepparent adoption
  • The applicable state agency investigates the petition
  • The absent parent must terminate his or her rights
  • A final adoption hearing

Uncooperative Absent Parents

H & T understands the roadblocks that can arise during the adoption process and strives to eliminate these problems for adoptive parents. Clients may encounter problems with the absent parent being uncooperative in terminating his or her parental rights or problems with the location of the absent parent. We respond to each situation appropriately - either by having the absent parent's rights terminated by law or by having the absent parent treated as an "abandoning" parent by the courts.

Stepparent Rights

When the adoption is complete, your rights as a stepparent will be that of a parent. You will become the legal father or mother of the child.

Contract Adoptions

H & T also handles contract adoptions, or private adoptions. In contract adoptions, terms are negotiated by all parties - the biological mother and the adoptive parents - and put in writing. We can ensure the adoption proceeds smoothly for you throughout all processes.

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