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As our society becomes increasingly mobile, legal disputes involving parental relocation with a custodial child are beginning to fill the courts. Move away cases often become very emotional and contentious, as one parent seeks better financial opportunities in a different state or jurisdiction, while the non-custodial parent worries about losing contact with the children.

We will Help you Find the Solution that Judges will Accept

At Haslam & Thorne, LLP, we can help you resolve your move away dispute by helping you work toward a negotiated settlement that protects your rights and the interests of your children. Through mediation and collaborative agreements, we can help you forge a solution that works for your family.

We promise to be responsive to your concerns throughout your case

Your move away case is probably the most important thing in your life right now. We know how frustrating it is when your lawyer won't return phone calls. Many of our clients come to us after being referred by other satisfied clients who found our attention to client service a refreshing change from other law firms.

You can't make informed decisions unless you have the facts in hand. Or entire staff focuses on being responsive to your questions and concerns as your case progresses.

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