Will Alimony be Part of Your Divorce Settlement?

Spousal support can become one of the most emotional and contentious elements of a divorce settlement. If your pending divorce will involve alimony payments, there are several factors that will be taken into consideration.

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Family law judges know how important alimony issues are to both parties in a divorce. Often, spousal support becomes the single financial issue that cannot be settled out of court. Haslam & Thorne, LLP, is recognized as one of the leading family law firms serving communities throughout San Bernardino County and Riverside County. Our attorneys have extensive experience mediating and litigating fair alimony judgments for individuals of all income levels.

What Factors are Involved in Determining Alimony?

When determining the amount of spousal support and the length of time it will be paid, the courts consider many factors. Some factors include:

  • The earning capacity of each spouse
  • The ability of a spouse to pay support
  • The standard of living established during the marriage
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age of each spouse

As your attorney, it is our job to fight to protect financial interests. This involves determining the accurate amount of income. In divorces involving significant assets, this can involve business valuation, uncovering hidden assets and evaluating the future value of securities accounts.

In addition to income, factors such as college education and job training are important to decide the length of temporary alimony. In general, the courts want to ensure that the spouse with the lower income does not suffer a significant and permanent change in life-style because of the divorce.

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