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Haslam & Thorne, LLP, is recognized as one of the prominent California family law firms serving communities throughout San Bernardino County and Riverside County. We receive many calls from prospective clients asking about child support obligations. Under the law, minimum child support obligations are regulated by a formula that takes a variety of financial factors into account, including the income of both parents.

How an Experienced Attorney Makes a Difference

The financial data that judges enter into the child support formula must be fair and accurate. Our experienced family law attorneys will protect your rights and ensure that the final calculation will be based on accurate financial data and income valuation. We have experience using the professional services of forensic accountants, financial experts and asset valuation professionals to ensure that your financial interests are protected.

Our Lawyers Handle all Divorce and Post-Divorce Child Support Cases

Our board certified specialists have extensive experience in all matters relating to child support. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

Your Child Custody and Visitation Agreement may Affect your Child Support

In addition to financial data, the judge may also take into account the amount of time each parent is scheduled to spend with the children. Getting the right child custody and visitation agreement that is right for your family is a crucial component of a fair settlement.

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